Intro. to Social and Cultural Theory: MA seminar [Kulturtheorie] (Bayreuth, Winter, 2019)
Great Lakes Africa (Bayreuth, Winter, 2019)
Lifeworlds in Crisis (Bayreuth, Winter, 2019), with Andrea Behrends

Anthropology of Personhood (Bayreuth, Summer, 2019)
This course takes up the classical anthropological concept of personhood, which might be defined simply as the status of being a recognized member of society. Personhood is also a concept debated and defined across law, politics, philosophy, and activism, and so in this course we consider anthropological reflections on personhood as well as its place in pressing contemporary issues and debates. Topics include the individual and dividuality, childhood, failure, life and death, animals, corporations, AI, and other more-than-human others.